Construction progresses on the expansion project at Zion in Walburg. Wonderful Gospel opportunities abound as these initiatives move toward completion. What a privilege to serve more and more in the sweet name of Jesus!!!

The new narthex will provide square footage for welcoming and hosting in God’s House as well as the flexibility to provide a reception following an event in the new Worship Center.

This new Worship Center will accommodate up to 500 participants in a wide variety of seating configurations. The raised stage enables worship leaders to guide, encourage and interact with worshippers, as well as provide a platform for a speaker series or for conducting a community business meeting.

Red iron continues to rise, and the “footprint” is easier to see. Framing of the narthex, kitchen and rest rooms shows the increase of space and the ease of future foot-traffic management. Prudent planning allows for the expansion of the Worship Center as community and kingdom growth continues. Increased parking places will make possible members’ and guests’ attendance and involvement without an inconveniently long walk.

Zion is so grateful for the partnership with Texas CEF. CEF has come alongside with a manageable note enabling both Gospel growth and Williamson County stewardship to flourish.

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