Did you know that in the past 24 years, Texas District Church Extension Fund has been blessed with the opportunity to provide an average of 105 congregations with an annual loan rebate check? Since 1998, more than $9 million dollars has been distributed to our Texas LCMS congregations!

Supporting investments from individuals, congregations and other entities provide the funds for Texas CEF to make loans to congregations. Each investor may designate a congregation to receive credit for their invested dollars. Investments are NOT pledged for any congregation’s loan.

At the end of each month the balance in each investors’ accounts designated to support the congregation are added together and the monthly rebate amount is determined. The following table shows the tiers in the Incentive Rebate Plan. After the end of Texas CEF’s fiscal year (January 31) a check is written and sent to the congregation for the amounts earned for the previous twelve months. The checks usually arrive during the second half of February each year.