Growing up, my family and I spent a month every summer living with my grandparents in Syracuse, New York. The house sits only about 200 feet from Lake Oneida.

As a kid, I had no idea this lake had an actual name. I thought it was called “Grandma’s Lake”. I also thought my grandparents owned the lake. How incredibly nice it was of them to share their lake with so many people!

Even though I eventually learned that they did not own the lake, I enjoyed thinking back on how generous I thought they were. Even though I was wrong, God still used it to teach me a lesson about being generous. I learned many other lessons from my grandparents as well like how to catch tadpoles in their little pools and fireflies on the grassy bank.

On the same grassy bank where I used to catch fireflies, stands a Weeping Willow Tree. This tree was planted by my grandfather years before I was born. He planted the seed and watched it grow. It grew tall and with a purpose – to provide shade with its graceful yet strong branches. All from one little seed.

Grandparents are gifted with special wisdom gained from their life experience and lessons they have learned along the way. This wisdom can be used to teach grandchildren how to be good stewards and how to be responsible with the gifts God has blessed them with – especially financial ones

There is an old proverb which says, “From little sees grow mighty trees”.  Grandparents can help their grandchildren plant a little seed of only $10 and help them grow in the understanding of financial responsibility and wisdom.  They can open a Flex Savings today for only $10. Together Texas CEF and grandparents can provide a savings place.