It was a busy day here in Texas on a chilly, and even snowy, January 14.

In San Antonio, Texas CEF Executive Director Becca Jones was blessed to visit Crown of Life Lutheran Church in San Antonio for a double celebration. Not only was Crown of Life celebrating 40 years of ministry, but they were also celebrating paying off their loan for the Community Life Center. God be praised for this partner in ministry and all those who have heard and do hear the Gospel in this place. Paid in Full!

Senior Pastor Mark Barz, Associate Pastor Brian Kachelmeier, and Acolyte James Salinas
watch as Texas District CEF’s Executive Director Becca Jones burns “the note”.

On that same Sunday in another part of Texas, Marketing Specialist Raelyn Pracht was blessed to visit Faith Lutheran Church in Corsicana. It was a wonderful opportunity to “Celebrate CEF” with Pastor Joe Mashburn and CEF Rep, Evelyn Riggs.

In the photo you can see a baptismal font. We were blessed to welcome a new member into Christ’s family through Baptism. It struck me at how this specific event, this Baptism, was able to happen here because of investments with Texas District CEF.

Every investment, large or small, recent or in the past, has made this space and place possible. How incredible is it to know that your funds are doing this?

Of course, we know that God’s hand is in everything we do. He will make even the smallest investment go far, something to keep in mind as you consider savings with us.

What will God have your money do next?