Thank you for the important role you play in connecting CEF with congregations and investors! On this page you’ll find the forms you need, as well as promotional information to keep you up-to-date.

Ministry Conversations for Changing Times—2020 Texas District Leadership Gatherings

Dear Texas District Leadership Gathering Registrants,

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name!

Thank you so much for planning to attend our 2020 Texas District Leadership Gatherings. As you’ve seen, however, local health officials have asked that gatherings be curtailed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to keep people safe and to do our part in serving the community, we have decided to postpone the Leadership Gatherings.

We will reach out to you when we start working on a plan to reschedule. Please accept our deep appreciation for your leadership and your faithful witness to our Savior during these challenging times.

If you have any questions, please be in touch.

We pray that you and the dear people of your congregations and communities are safe and blessed.

Thankful to walk in faith with you,

President Michael Newman and CEF Executive Director Becca Jones


Read President Michael Newman’s statement here:

CEF Sunday

Thank you to all the Reps who helped make CEF Sunday 2019 a success! Check this page for information about CEF Sunday 2020.


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Forms to Download

We now have brand new applications with the Rainy Day Fund on them! Please download the new application below and recycle all old applications.

These are the most commonly needed forms for investors:

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Super Savers MOSAIC

Super Savers MOSAIC (Female VO)

Super Savers MOSAIC (Male VO)

Stamp Reps

Stamp Reps

One way that young people can actively support the ministry is through Texas CEF’s KIDS Stamp Program. This program, offered in day schools and Sunday Schools, allows children to purchase stamps that can be exchanged for CEF investments upon completion of a stamp booklet. Kids also learn the benefits of saving while getting involved in the ministry. Hundreds of young people throughout Texas are participating in the ministry of CEF, learning biblical stewardship principles, and saving for the future through the KIDS Stamp Program.

With each investment of $10 or more, a child receives a sticker and a token worth 25 cents toward their next investment. We provide a 25 cent token and a prize for investments of $10 or more until the account reaches $500. It is an even greater joy for stewards of any age to watch the church grow.

To learn more, contact us at 888-951-1CEF (toll free) or 512-646-1233 or email Email us to request the K.I.D.S. Stamp video.

Click here to download the Stamp Reps Order Form.