Have you ever read Aesop’s fable, “The Ant and the Grasshopper?” The grasshopper spent his summer playing music while the ant prepared and stored supplies for winter. We have our chance to be like the ant. We can prepare and store our money for whatever our “winter season” may be – this could be something unexpected, like fallen trees from an ice storm. It could also be something intentional, like a ski trip or a winter cruise to somewhere tropical.

We are blessed to know when some events will happen, but those unexpected ones can certainly catch us off guard.  Now is our chance to prepare now for the future. We can be the “ant.”

Texas District Church Extension Fund can help you with opening a RAINY DAY FUND today!

What is the Rainy Day Fund?

It’s an investment option with a premium rate, no monthly fees and convenient access.


This is a savings plan that permits addition to the initial investment (minimum of $25). This plan requires a monthly EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) investment of at least $25 until the balance in the investment reaches $10,000. Withdrawal payments are limited to 5 per year. Initial funds must be new and not a transfer from an existing CEF investment. Limit one per household.


The interest rate will be at least ¼ of a percent above the flex savings rate for the first $10,000 and will pay the Flex Savings rate on any amount above $10,000. A recurring EFT investment of at least $25 per month is required to receive the premium rate unless the balance is above $10,000, if this condition is not met, the investment will convert to a flex savings investment. An investment record of additions, subtractions and interest earnings is mailed to the investor semiannually.

Download your application today at and start preparing for the unexpected or saving for something specific!