Webster’s Dictionary defines thrill as the experience of a sudden sharp feeling of excitement. The French poet Placide Cappeau chose this perfect word to describe the hope felt by the people on the night of Jesus’s birth in his poem, “Minuit, Christeins,” or translated in English, “Midnight, Christians”. The poet captures the essence of the people who were heavily burdened by their sins and weary from the darkness of the world. The hymn and music later composed from this poem, “O Holy Night,” grabs us even today as we wait for our “souls to feel their worth.” 

We wait with eager longing – waiting in hope to be set free from the bondage of the world and the burdens weighing us down daily. It’s incredible, living on the other side of that night.

Can you even imagine the exhilaration of the people when they heard the Messiah was born? This was no ordinary night. It was a Holy Night. It was a night which transformed the world and continually transforms us. 

We can rejoice in this season of hope and expectation as we prepare to celebrate receiving
the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ.

Texas District Church Extension Fund wants to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. We are grateful for the wonderful gift of Jesus Christ, and we are appreciative of our partnership in ministry with each of you. We look forward to the things God will do through our partnership in 2023!