In 1888, Texas District Church Extension Fund began work assisting congregations in expanding God’s
Kingdom. This work remains our focus today, as we walk beside congregations in meeting their ministry
needs and provide faithful investors opportunities to partner with us.

In the past fiscal year, we approved 14 loans worth $11.2 million and returned 104 congregations with
loan rebate checks worth $609,000! We could not do this without YOU!

It is through YOU – our wonderful investors – who entrust our ministry that we continue to thrive in
extending God’s Kingdom. We remain focused on one of our greatest assets: PEOPLE. From the
youngest to the most seasoned investor, we are grateful for the lasting impact their resources will have
for present and future generations. Over 11,600 wonderful investors are partnering with our ministry in
the hopes of multiplying followers of Jesus. 155 joined this past year! We give God the praise and the
glory for this abundant blessing as He continues to bless us with faithful partners in ministry.

Thank you for choosing Texas CEF as your savings place
. . . and your support of the work underway in our Texas District!