Mission Statement

With great thanksgiving, Texas District Church Extension Fund’s (Texas District CEF) mission has served the Texas LCMS for generations—assisting congregations in expanding God’s kingdom. Starting in 1888 and continuing today, this core focus remains our priority, accomplished through faithful investors, responsible management, and God’s abundant blessings. While our work remains centered on meeting ministry opportunities, we recognize that needs evolve, and so too must our readiness to respond, with both excellence and relevancy.  

In this mindset, through work with the Board for Church Extension, we recently finalized an update to our mission statement. We are excited about capturing the movement that has been underway and setting our sights on a bold vision for the future. I am privileged to unveil our revised Texas District CEF mission statement:  

Through investments from Texas District LCMS congregations and their members, Church Extension Fund will be the preferred financial resources partner for district ministries focused on multiplying followers of Jesus.   

The refreshed mission statement concisely explains our work, staying true to our past, encompassing the present and outlining the future. 

  • WHO we work with:  Congregations and their members along with district ministries  
  • HOW it is done: Through investments and by being the preferred partner 
  • WHAT we offer: Financial resources 
  • WHY we do this: Multiply followers of Jesus 

While ministries continue to work throughout the Texas district, the needs often extend beyond the “land and buildings” identified in our previous mission statement. Although those things remain a primary focus, we want to be prepared to understand and potentially respond to other needs as well. We believe this new mission not only defines our strategic direction but also establishes a solid foundation for us to consider other ministry needs in the future.   

As stewards of this organization, we remain committed to the essence of Church Extension Fund work—assisting ministries that focus on sharing the love of Jesus. We invite you to embrace this mission statement with us as we pray for new opportunities to support the work underway in our Texas District. Most of all, we praise God for the privilege of being part of Texas District CEF—to Him be all the Glory.