A Reformation Day Note-Burning and Groundbreaking

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, College Station, celebrated Reformation Sunday with a note burning and a groundbreaking ceremony on October 25, 2020. The congregation met as one beneath a white tent on an overcast morning to celebrate God’s many gifts. Rev. Mike Hafer delivered an uplifting message of encouragement that led into the congregation burning the note for paid-off debt on the existing church building, which was established in 2002.

The congregation initiated the 2020 groundbreaking ceremony with children digging holes in the ground. Next, Hafer proclaimed, “In the name of the Father,” to prompt 45 HC Youth to begin pulling a plow held by church leadership across the future site of the Holy Cross sanctuary. “Whoa!” cried Youth Minister Jonathan Braun. The youth stopped, and Hafer continued, “and of the Son.” The plow moved several more yards before the youth were notified to pause. “And of the Holy Spirit,” was the final edict given for the youth to complete their part of the groundbreaking.

Last, the Building Committee gathered around gold shovels and took their turn breaking ground for the $5.375 million project. The future structure of Holy Cross will include a sanctuary that seats 450, a gathering hall for fellowship, and office space for staff. The existing facility renovations will continue to accommodate Holy Cross Lutheran Learning Center and education and mission opportunities throughout the week for children through adults.