The Family of Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool Persists in the Mission of Christ

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool partnered with the Texas Church Extension Fund two years ago to bring foundational education and Gospel-centered worship to a second location. This second location is located 6 miles to the west of the original location in West Houston. Currently, the show homes for a large housing development are being finished. This new development is located immediately across the street from The Family of Faith – Miramesa.

However, during these years of development, and initial operation of the second-location, numerous major challenges have presented themselves: the hundred-year flood, Hurricane Harvey, and now COVID-19, among others. With God’s grace and mercy, and the partnership of the Texas Church Extension Fund, The Family of Faith has been able to persist in its missional efforts during these challenging days.

Most recently, the preschool has been blessed to remain open during the worldwide pandemic. The two preschool populations are now consolidated into one. All the students are being served exclusively at the new location. All the state requirements are being addressed: those entering the building every day must have their temperature taken before they are allowed to enter the building; only the parents who provide the preschool with a written notice stating that they are an essential worker are allowed to send their children to the preschool; and the janitorial staff and preschool staff all quickly adopt new, more stringent cleaning and hygiene standards. In addition, the Board of Directors responded quickly and successfully filed for a PPP loan with the permission of TCEF.

The worship life of the congregation also called for Spirit-led persistence. Both the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services are offered virtually. In addition, mini-communion services are offered each Sunday in the gymnasium while strictly observing social distancing standards. Finally, every Sunday a drive-in worship service is being offered in which the Praise Team and the pastor lead worship in the parking lot as the parishioners sit in their cars and trucks.

The Family of Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool is but one example of the Lord guiding His church through challenging times – and repeatedly so. For the presence of the resurrected Christ in the midst of His church, The Family of Faith is thankful.