The Family of Faith – Miramesa Celebrates Their First VBS! Your investments at work in the Kingdom!

The Family of Faith – Miramesa in Houston, recently had three new faces in worship. Of course having new faces is always a wonderful thing, but these three in particular stood out because the two boys attended the first-ever VBS this summer. In addition to the outstanding childcare services of Miramesa Preschool, which takes place on a beautiful new Family of Faith – Miramesa campus that was supported by the Texas District Church Extension Fund, a weekly worship service takes place each Sunday. Families in the community have seen many blessings pour from the new building this year. (Read more about the campus here.)

“This year we have enjoyed a building with full power, a summer camp program, and VBS, along with weekly worship,” said Pastor Doug Krengel. “This has made for a much better first impression and more students registering for the school year.” Pastor Krengel is referencing giving prospective families a tour of the building during the final stages of construction in the heat of summer with no air conditioning. “We had no power until a few days before the start of the school year; not the best first impression,” he said. “Yet God blessed, and we opened.”

The vision of Pastor Doug Krengel and the congregation at Family of Faith was to provide a community of support for families in the Cypress/Northwest Houston area. In their first year, they have certainly done that. Recently 65 children enjoyed a stampede of fun in the new building at ROAR, Miramesa’s first ever VBS. The kids learned about the story of Exodus, with Jesus and the Gospel interwoven as they went on an African adventure with Bible adventures, running wild with stampede sports, and learning about life for kids in Africa. Each child had a great time and learned that life is wild and God is good.

Thanks to a building loan from the Texas District Church Extension Fund, the beautiful new building plays host to so many great ministries. What a gift to see preschoolers attend VBS, VBS kids attend church, and new church families register for preschool. To date, Miramesa has 43 kids enrolled for the fall semester.  We wish Miramesa all the best as they begin their second year!