A Message From Bill Siegrist

Originally shared April 10 during the Texas District office chapel service led by President Ken Hennings

Becca Jones, incoming Executive Director of the Church Extension Fund, with CEF’s outgoing Director of Marketing and Training, Bill Siegrist

The March 2018 CEF Conference theme was, “For Such a Time as This.” We focused on the leadership changes this year in the Texas District and the Texas Church Extension Fund … “For Such a Time as This” another change is taking place this month.

After serving 30 years as the Texas CEF Director of Marketing and Training, I will be retiring April 30th. It has been a grand adventure serving in this ministry. Now I am looking forward to serving our Lord in a different way.

This is a pivotal leadership time in the CEF ministry. I believe our Heavenly Father has brought the right person, to the right place, with the right plan, at the right time. Becca Jones is our new CEF Executive Director. Her ministry with CEF started April 1st.

In addition to my work with the Texas District, I have been a member of a national CEF and LCEF marketing team. I have served with Becca on this team for the past 15 years. During these years, she was a senior executive with LCEF in St. Louis, with a proven track record of success. She is highly motivated, she is team-oriented, she is a strong communicator, a servant-leader, mission-focused, and loves her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Over the years, as I have considered retirement, my hope has been one day to move back into serving a local Austin congregation as a DCE on a part-time basis. It is still my hope that my 30 years of experience on the District staff will be beneficial to a congregation in Austin.

While I look forward to enjoying my retirement, I will miss being part of this dedicated team. I trust that the friendships I have developed here will last well into the future.

Who has influenced my life over the years? I am grateful in my heart for our CEF team, the entire staff of the Texas District, and numerous leaders throughout The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. I am grateful in my heart for the Texas District Board of Directors, and a multitude of lay people, teachers, DCEs and pastors.

I am grateful in my heart for the mission focus and loyalty of the Board for Church Extension members, our dedicated CEF Congregations Reps, and Ken Hennings, a man after God’s own heart. I am grateful in my heart for many friends who are a gift in my life. Finally, I am grateful in my heart for the love of my life, Pam, my bride of 43 years, who has stood beside me in all times. Thank you, Jesus, for our precious daughters Carrie and Emily, son-in-law Brian, and our grandchildren. To the glory of our heavenly Father, I am grateful for the Lamb of God who has taken away my sins.

On February 15, 1988, I made one of the best investments in my life. I began my ministry with the Texas District Church Extension Fund. As I depart, my investment—my heart—remains with CEF knowing it will touch generations to come. Thankfully, I know the door will always be open for me to check on the growth of my investment.

I conclude with this quote from Malcolm Muggeridge: “If the greatest of all, Incarnate God (Jesus Christ), chooses to be the servant of all, who would wish to be the master?”

My love to each of you in the strong Name of Jesus!

—Bill Siegrist

Starting in May, you can reach me at BillSiegrist@gmail.com


Photos from Bill’s time at CEF

A Message From Becca Jones, New CEF Executive Director

Greetings new friends,

It’s a unique and exciting time for Church Extension Fund, indeed. What an honor to serve in a place with such a ministry-minded leadership legacy. It’s a privilege to recognize one of those individuals—Bill Siegrist.

For such a time as this, we turn to great leaders for inspiration. A quote attributed to Martin Luther reads, “You have as much laughter as you have faith.” Bill certainly has an abundance of both! During his impressive tenure at CEF, he has joyfully served with a faithful heart and made a lasting impression on countless brothers and sisters in Christ. His leadership in our overall marketing strategy and contributions to the daily operation of the organization are evident throughout our history.

While we are saddened to say goodbye, we delight in knowing Bill will continue to serve in ministry and discover new ways to share his laughter and faith; opportunities he will embrace wholeheartedly, just as he did in the Church Extension Fund. Well done, good and faithful servant. As the important work of Church Extension Fund continues, we honor the past with appreciation and respect while also focusing forward on the opportunities ahead. Knowing Bill, he would expect nothing less! We remain always mindful of our mission statement to “extend God’s kingdom by boldly and responsibly assisting congregations to acquire land and buildings and by linking investors with congregations.” The journey continues … Abundant Blessings.

—Becca Jones, CEF Executive Director