CrossPoint Becomes a Crossroads for Harvey Relief

Natural disasters bring both devastation and reminders of the power of community, the human spirit, and God’s grace. Churches all over southeast Texas have become cornerstones in the relief effort, and CrossPoint in Katy particularly stands out for its lightning-quick and coordinated response.


Rather than trying to operate independently, CrossPoint’s leadership got in touch with other local pastors, leaders, and emergency workers and management to determine how they could best help.


Because CrossPoint has a sizable facility, they first started functioning as a reunification center, putting evacuees in connection with host homes. They then became a regional distribution center, partnering with Clothed by Faith, an organization based in Katy that demonstrates God’s love by providing gently used clothing to people in need.


“Ultimately, our gymnasium turned into a Sam’s Club or Costco,” said Pastor Paul Goeke with a laugh.


Over the few weeks following the storm, CrossPoint served more than 6,500 people. Volunteers took orders, sent those orders back to volunteers who would pull what was needed, and place everything into the visitor’s car. “We were also taking care of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs while people waited in line for supplies, getting them connected into relationship and into community through the church,” said Pastor Goeke.


CrossPoint’s storefront just stopped operating recently, but the church is still distributing supplies in other ways.


* * *


As a reminder, the Texas District’s Church Extension Fund has loan funding available to churches affected by Harvey. Contact our loan administrator Ruby Cruz for information. 
If you’d like to learn more about how you can help with the ongoing effort to rebuild after Harvey, the Texas District’s blog has regularly updated details.