We offer investments to fit everyone: individuals, congregations, and kids too! Please review our various investments and current interest rates and decide for yourself which one is right for you. Or call one of our customer service representatives at 888-951-1233 for assistance. When you’re ready to get started, you can download an application.

Investments for Individuals

Flex Savings

Flex Savings investments are a great short-term investment. The minimum balance requirement is only $10. Investments and withdrawals can be made at any time without penalty. These are particularly good investments for children and grandchildren. Filled books of K.I.D.S. stamps or checks can be mailed in to add to these investments.

Fixed-Rate Term Notes

One-year, three-year and five-year fixed rate notes are available with a minimum investment of $500. Rates for these notes are fixed at the time the investment is opened. Additions are not permitted. Funds may be withdrawn at maturity without penalty. The early withdrawal charge is equal to three month’s interest for one-year and three-year notes and six month’s interest for five-year notes.

Floating-Rate Term Notes

One-year, three-year and five-year floating-rate notes are available with a minimum investment of $500. Rates for these notes float (change) during the term of the investment. The interest rate is indexed to the US Treasury Constant Maturity (“TCM”) for US Treasury securities of the same maturity as the notes. Additions are permitted at any time in minimum amounts of $25. This makes these investments ideal for a regular savings plan utilizing Texas CEF’s electronic funds transfer service. Funds may be withdrawn at maturity without penalty. The early withdrawal charge is equal to three month’s interest for one-year and three-year notes and six month’s interest for five-year notes.

Individual Retirement Accounts

All individual Texas District CEF investments (FLEX, fixed and floating rate notes) may be included in a Texas District CEF IRA portfolio. Through our custodian GoldStar Trust Company, Texas District CEF offers Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, ESA’s, SEP’s, and SIMPLE plans.

Click here for further information and forms.

Reformation Note Maturity

Greetings partner in ministry, approximately 30-45 days before your Reformation Note matures, you will receive a maturity notice. At that time, you have several options:

1. Allow the note to rollover into a 1 year fixed term note by taking no action at the time.
2. Select a different type of investment and indicate your choice on the Note Maturity Instruction Form.
3. Redeem the note by indicating that choice on the Note Maturity Instruction Form.

To check current interest rates, visit our website at www.TexasCEF.org. Notice of change must reach us PRIOR TO the maturity date, or your note will automatically renew. You came for the rate … Stay for the ministry!

What’s Next?

Download an Individual Investment Application.

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Please see the Offering Circular for complete investment information.

Investments for Congregations

Congregation Savings

Designed to provide a short-term investment vehicle for congregation funds. The investment features a variable interest rate, monthly compounding of interest and monthly statements. Additional investments and withdrawals may be made at any time, in any amount, without penalty.

Building Fund

Designed to provide an investment vehicle for congregations accumulating funds for a building project. The investment features a variable interest rate, monthly compounding of interest and quarterly statements. Additional investments may be made at any time, in any amount. Withdrawals for building projects may be made at any time, without penalty. A substantial interest penalty is charged for withdrawals for any other purpose.

What’s Next?

Download a Congregation Investment Application.

Please see the Offering Circular for complete investment information.

Forms and Rates

Important Forms and Publications for Investors

Click on one of the forms below to download it. Our typeable forms can be filled out using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Print, sign, and mail completed forms to us at:

Texas CEF
7900 East Highway 290
Austin, TX 78724-2499

Click here for a complete list of forms.

Flex Savings

(APY 0.76%)

Congregation Savings

(APY 1.26%)

Building Fund

(APY 2.53%)

Fixed-Rate Term Note – 1 year

(APY 1.76%)

Fixed-Rate Term Note – 3 years

(APY 2.02%)

Fixed-Rate Term Note – 5 years

(APY 2.52%)

Floating-Rate Term Note – 1 year

(APY 1.63%)

Floating-Rate Term Note – 3 years

(APY 1.89%)

Floating-Rate Term Note – 5 years

(APY 2.14%)


100 Plus 1

Texas Partners in Mission and Texas Church Extension Fund are teaming up to increase the financial resources available for planting new congregations. Both contributed dollars and invested dollars are needed to meet the challenge of planting 10 new ministries a year. The 100 PLUS 1 Anniversary Challenge Program seeks to multiply your gifts and your investments to accomplish the important work of bringing the Gospel to more and more people.

Make a gift of $1,000 or more to Texas Partners in Mission and open a new fixed-rate CEF investment of $5,000 or more. CEF will match your gift to Texas Partners in Mission 100% and CEF will pay you a bonus 1% for the term of your investment. The investment amount earning a bonus 1% is limited to 10 times the gift amount (e.g. a $50,000 investment, earning a bonus 1%, equals a gift of at least $5,000).

Download the 100 PLUS 1 Form (PDF)

K.I.D.S. Stamp Program

(Kids Into Discipleship and Stewardship)

One way that young people can actively support the ministry is through Texas CEF’s KIDS Stamp Program. This program, offered in day schools and Sunday Schools, allows children to purchase stamps that can be exchanged for CEF investments upon completion of a stamp booklet. Kids also learn the benefits of saving while getting involved in the ministry. Hundreds of young people throughout Texas are participating in the ministry of CEF, learning biblical stewardship principles, and saving for the future through the KIDS Stamp Program.

Savings Incentives

With each investment of $10 or more, a child receives a sticker and a token worth 25 cents toward their next investment. We provide a 25 cent token and a prize for investments of $10 or more until the account reaches $500. It is an even greater joy for stewards of any age to watch the church grow.

What’s Next?

To learn more, contact us at 888-951-1233 (toll free) or 512-926-4272 or email invest@texascef.org. Email us to request the K.I.D.S. Stamp video.

Super Savers

Texas CEF is proud to introduce its newest program that teaches children ages 0-18 about stewardship, discipleship, and financial responsibility. Introducing Super Savers!

How it works:

  • A child makes their first investment of at least $10.00 into CEF by either opening a new investment or placing it into an existing one.
  • Each Super Saver who invests at least $10 each month will receive a Noah’s Ark felt piece.
  • Each investment counts whether it is a stamp book, a check or an Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • For each month that you invest, you will receive a Noah’s Ark felt piece.  Invest every month to build your Noah’s Ark!
  • Members receive a membership card & a quarterly newsletter.

Have questions? Please contact us at invest@texascef.org or 1-888-951-1233.

My Texas CEF

What is My Texas CEF?

My Texas CEF is a free secure online service in which investors and borrowers can quickly access Texas CEF investment and loan information, as well as request transactions.

My Texas CEF promotes the good stewardship of resources. By using this financial service, you help us reduce administrative costs, which in turn allow us to keep loan rates to churches as low as possible. Enjoy the ease and convenience of accessing your Texas CEF investment information—anywhere you have Internet access!

  • View history and balances.
  • Review loan payment history.
  • Inform Texas CEF of address and email changes.
  • Contact Texas CEF staff via secure email.

Enroll Now

Individual investors may enroll online by visiting My Texas CEF’s enrollment page or by completing the Individual Enrollment Form. Congregations and organizations must complete the Organization Enrollment Form to apply for online access. Mail the completed form to:

7900 E Hwy 290, Austin, TX 78724

If you mail your request for online access, you will receive information welcoming you to My Texas CEF within seven days after Texas CEF receives your request form. At that time, you will receive your My Texas CEF user name and temporary password by email.

Click here for complete information about My Texas CEF.