Teaching children about stewardship, discipleship and financial responsibility

Why Invest In Super Savers?


Texas CEF started in 1888 with the idea that if Christians participated together, their investments could be used to provide low rate loans for congregations.


Our Super Savers program teaches children ages 0-18 about stewardship, discipleship and financial responsibility.


Texas CEF’s Super Savers program helps kids practice stewardship with real money, helping real churches. This valuable experience helps them become lifelong stewards of God’s blessings.

How it works


Each Super Saver who invests at least $10 each month will receive a Mosaic piece. Every investment counts whether it is a stamp book, a check or an Electronic Funds Transfer.


Each child will receive a backboard with the words “YOU ARE…” and a Mosaic piece with their first deposit. Each mosaic piece will have a Bible verse and a line. Kids are encouraged to look up the Bible verse listed and write down what word represents that Bible Verse.


After the child receives all the pieces, they are then encouraged to create a piece of Mosaic Art using the pieces they have received, the backboard, and anything else to complete their project.