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2017 CEF Conference

The 2017 CEF Conference was March 3-5. Thanks to all the participants who helped make this year a success!

Keynote Presenters

  • Rev. David P. E. Maier – Michigan District President
  • Rev. Matt Popovits – Missionary at Our Saviour, New York City
  • Rev. Ken Hennings – Texas District President
  • Chaplain: Dr. Robert Preece, Senior Pastor Zion, Dallas
  • Banquet Entertainment – Dr. Les Stahlke is a classic Christian humorist. He has performed live for 30 years. He is, "Martin Luther's Last Surviving Classmate – Dr. Lester Methuselah Gutenberg”.

Presentations (Powerpoint)



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savings place

CEF Sunday

CEF Sunday is September 25, 2016. CEF Sunday resources can be ordered directly from the form below or by calling the CEF office 1-888-951-1233 and asking for Raelyn Pracht.

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Order CEF Sunday Materials

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Rep Toolkit

This is your one-stop shop for all the resources you need to represent Texas CEF in your congregation.

Investment Rates for loading
Investment Type Rate APY
Flex Savings % %
Fixed-Rate Term Note - 1 year % %
Fixed-Rate Term Note - 3 years % %
Fixed-Rate Term Note - 5 years % %
Floating-Rate Term Note - 1 year % %
Floating-Rate Term Note - 3 years % %
Floating-Rate Term Note - 5 years % %
Congregation Savings % %
Building Fund % %

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Reformation Note Resources

Reformation Note Bulletin Insert (two half-page bulletin inserts per page)
Reformation Note Info Page (Print quality)
Reformation Note Info Page (web and email quality)


These are the most commonly needed forms for investors:

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K.I.D.S. Stamp Folder
K.I.D.S. 25¢ Stamps
K.I.D.S. $1 Stamps
K.I.D.S. Stamp Promotional Brochure
K.I.D.S. Poster

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100 Plus 1

Texas Partners in Mission and Texas Church Extension Fund are teaming up to increase the financial resources available for planting new congregations. Both contributed dollars and invested dollars are needed to meet the challenge of planting 10 new ministries a year. The 100 PLUS 1 Anniversary Challenge Program seeks to multiply your gifts and your investments to accomplish the important work of bringing the Gospel to more and more people.

Make a gift of $1,000 or more to Texas Partners in Mission and open a new fixed-rate CEF investment of $5,000 or more. CEF will match your gift to Texas Partners in Mission 100% and CEF will pay you a bonus 1% for the term of your investment. The investment amount earning a bonus 1% is limited to 10 times the gift amount (e.g. a $50,000 investment, earning a bonus 1%, equals a gift of at least $5,000).

Download the 100 PLUS 1 Form (PDF)

K.I.D.S. Stamp Program (Kids Into Discipleship and Stewardship)

One way that young people can actively support the ministry is through Texas CEF's KIDS Stamp Program. This program, offered in day schools and Sunday Schools, allows children to purchase stamps that can be exchanged for CEF investments upon completion of a stamp booklet. Kids also learn the benefits of saving while getting involved in the ministry. Hundreds of young people throughout Texas are participating in the ministry of CEF, learning biblical stewardship principles, and saving for the future through the KIDS Stamp Program.

With each investment of $10 or more, a child receives a sticker and a token worth 25 cents toward their next investment. We provide a 25 cent token and a prize for investments of $10 or more until the account reaches $500. It is an even greater joy for stewards of any age to watch the church grow.

To learn more, contact us at 888-951-1CEF (toll free) or 512-926-4272 or email Email us to request the K.I.D.S. Stamp video.