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CEF Sunday is September 24, 2017

CEF Sunday

The Reformation Note is a LIMITED TIME OFFER to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. Your investment in the CEF ministry will make a difference in the lives of others for all eternity. Nail down this opportunity today!

The following CEF Sunday resources are available to order:

  • Bulletin Inserts
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Dollar Rate Sheets


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2017 Texas CEF Conference

Keynote Presenters

  • Rev. David P. E. Maier – Michigan District President
  • Rev. Matt Popovits – Missionary at Our Saviour, New York City
  • Rev. Ken Hennings – Texas District President
  • Chaplain: Dr. Robert Preece, Senior Pastor Zion, Dallas
  • Banquet Entertainment – Dr. Les Stahlke is a classic Christian humorist. He has performed live for 30 years. He is, “Martin Luther’s Last Surviving Classmate – Dr. Lester Methuselah Gutenberg”.

Presentations (Powerpoint)

Rep Resources


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Stamp Reps

Stamp Reps

One way that young people can actively support the ministry is through Texas CEF’s KIDS Stamp Program. This program, offered in day schools and Sunday Schools, allows children to purchase stamps that can be exchanged for CEF investments upon completion of a stamp booklet. Kids also learn the benefits of saving while getting involved in the ministry. Hundreds of young people throughout Texas are participating in the ministry of CEF, learning biblical stewardship principles, and saving for the future through the KIDS Stamp Program.

With each investment of $10 or more, a child receives a sticker and a token worth 25 cents toward their next investment. We provide a 25 cent token and a prize for investments of $10 or more until the account reaches $500. It is an even greater joy for stewards of any age to watch the church grow.

To learn more, contact us at 888-951-1CEF (toll free) or 512-926-4272 or email Email us to request the K.I.D.S. Stamp video.

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